Welcome to our booking page! Here you can book the Samford Community Bank’s Boardroom or Office.

We are pleased to be able to reopen the boardroom and office space. Please observe good hygiene and notify staff immediately if anyone using the rooms is unwell or diagnosed positive for Covid-19.

The rates for hiring rooms are under review. Any rates for bookings after March 2021 maybe subject to change.   

If you would like to check the Boardroom or Office diary first, please do so below prior to booking. There is more supplementary information at the bottom of the page (e.g. map, facilities.)
Boardroom diary
Office Diary

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Additional information

Here you can check room facilities, maps and diaries prior to booking.

Address, Map & Directions
Below is a map of how to get to the meeting rooms.

The location is Samford Community Bank, (Bendigo Bank), Shop 3, 37 Main Street, Samford QLD 4520. The building has two outer staircases that lead to the upstairs meeting facilities. If you need to call to check anything, the number is (07) 3289 6710.

Room Features & Photos
Boardroom: Seats 12 with large table | Bench with coffee facilities | Smart TV With HDMI cable

Office: Desk with three seats

Both: Air conditioned | Reception Foyer | Wi-Fi | Whiteboards | Printer | Photocopier | Kitchen Facilities


Terms and Conditions
Read the room booking terms and conditions.