Defensive Driving Program: Stop the Fear of The Midnight Phone Call

4 November 2021

Community Bank Samford are proud to remind the community that the annual Defensive Driving course will be opening soon, and it is keen to get its next lot of future safer young drivers.

We strongly promote this to all parents and those about to start driving – defensive driving training saves lives and lessens your chances to receive or be the subject of that dreaded midnight call saying, “There’s been an accident…”

Annelie Urquhart, Customer Service Supervisor at Community bank Samford, is an ardent advocate for the course and has walks her talk with her three children all proud alumni of the course.

“Not unsurprisingly out here at Samford with the bendy roads to get here, we do have more than our fair share of accidents. In the not-so-distant past I have received a call from my daughter who ran off the road on oil or water on the road surface. Fortunately, apart from being a bit shaken up, there were no serious injuries or damage. Here was a case where it was clearly not her fault, but some extra knowledge and skills certainly helped to ensure that a really bad crash didn’t happen.”

It is worth remembering that while we may attribute car accidents involving young people down to youthful exuberance and inexperience, we often forget that accidents can occur through no fault of the young driver – some unexpected water on the road, a truck in front losing some of its load (it can just as easily happen to more mature drivers). What the driving course does do so well, is to equip its trainees with some simple skills and a bit more knowledge of what to do in such situations.

The course, which commences in early December, takes place at the Lakeside Raceway, the training side of the track. It includes lots of practice of doing things like slamming on the brakes in puddles and literally wearing Coke bottle glasses to understand how the senses are impacted when alcohol is involved.

On top of this highly practical experience training is the calibre of the trainers themselves. The program uses specialist trainers from across the driving spectrum, ex-police officers and ex-paramedics who bring their experience of the aftermath of horrific accidents to their passion and commitment to the training.

The Bendigo Community Bank is all about looking after the community and our 7+ years commitment to this initiative shows the value that we see with this important program designed to help protect our young drivers.

We also love this program as it closely aligns to our ethos of community banking where we care for the community that cares and supports us – by doing your personal and business banking with Community Banks Samford you are giving back and enriching your community.

2021 Defensive Driving Program

The 2021 Defensive Driving Course will be held on Wednesday 15th December 2021. 

To participate in the course, you need visit us at either of our branches to fill out the Defensive Driving enrolment form and make payment before the day.

If you are less than 18 years old, you are required to have the enrolment form signed by your parent or guardian.

As a Learner driver, please also note that you will be required to have a licensed driver in the car at different times throughout the day during some of the practical exercises.

Defensive Driving course at Lakeside Raceway sponsored by Community Bank Samford and Brendale

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