Community Business

We are lucky to be a community full of businesses whose one key goal is to drive better outcomes for our community and other communities.  It has been a real pleasure to meet Dendra from Hearing Impact.  We hope you will enjoy her story as much as we did.

Dendra Elliot, is the founder and managing director of Impact Hearing. Providing hearing tests and solutions to people with hearing difficulties.

Dedicated to giving all communities access to hearing tests, Dendra travels out west on a regular basis allowing children and adults to have access to hearing tests.

To hear about Dendra’s business journey and in particular what community means to Dendra – have a listen here:



About Impact Hearing:

Impact Hearing provides audiology services and assists  with all hearing needs, questions, queries or concerns. They  know how overwhelming being fitted with new hearing aids can be – they  endeavour to make the process a seamless journey from choosing the right hearing aid/s and/or hearing solutions to suit your needs, aligning with your budget and providing the best outcomes. They strive to ensure you are well informed throughout the hearing rehabilitation process with 100% guaranteed ongoing service and support.