Gifted Gardeners attract Gardening Royalty

31 May 2021

Earlier this month the Samford Valley community were the fortunate recipients of a visit from Australian landscape architect and gardening royalty, Costa Georgiadis.

Costa was in our special part of the world to open and participate in the inaugural Samford Edible Garden Trail Open Day.

The event surpassed all expectations and was completely sold out prior to the event. Attendees had the fantastic experience of being able to wander through eight spectacular gardens, sample great local produce and glean some savvy gardening insights. And in true Samford Valley community spirit the cafes, restaurants and the patisserie in the Village all got on board with their own special dishes and products for the day, all made from local produce.

Attendees not only heard from gardening guru Costa, but there were plenty of edible garden hosts who were very happy to share their knowledge and answer questions with fellow gardeners, no matter what the age or experience.

The Samford Edible Garden Trail (SEGT) started in 2020 as a virtual trail and now in 2021 with Covid restrictions lifted, we were able to have an open day event, as well as continuing their virtual trail. In early 2020, the team of volunteers started filming visits and interviews of gardens and gardeners and posted on Facebook and Youtube every fortnight. This regular virtual presence generated a huge following both here in Australia and overseas and also, caught the eye of one Costa Georgiadis.

The SEGT team kept up the momentum of filming gardens in the hope that once restrictions eased that they could hold an open day event – which of course they did with the amazing Open Day success.

We are delighted to support this group as we believe that the SEGT team really return the support back to the Samford community in spades; plus, we love the founding goals of the team, which are:

  1. Encouraging people to grow their own food;
  2. Connecting people with local growers; and
  3. Promoting sustainability initiatives in Samford.

The Samford Edible Garden Trail team also play an important role as there is a growing interest in the community around knowing and understanding where our food comes from and how to grow our own. There is also of course the fact that many of us are keen for any opportunity for us to embrace our inner foodie – after all, who doesn’t love time spent watching a great episode of Masterchef?

So much so, we will be featuring a monthly post from SEGT to keep us up-to-date as to what is in season and great to cook with that month, and handy tips and tricks with when and what to plant in your garden – we may even get some insider information from a local celebrity chef? Stay tuned for next month’s instalment that will be sure to bring some delight to your garden and your table.

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