Is 2018 the year for you to expand your business? The year for you to venture into the riveting landscape of becoming a business owner? The year for you to achieve those business goals you set out in 2017?

GOOD FOR YOU! We want to help you do so, so here is how Bendigo Bank can play a role in helping you establish and maintain a thriving business.

As a community bank, we value the importance of working with our customers in the community and helping you to achieve the goals you have for your business. We thrive to establish this connection with you, because we too are excited about your business ventures! And although running a business may be stressful at times, we want to make it just that much easier for you!

As a business banker, we are a relationship banker. We want to establish a relationship with you, as we have done with many of our current business customers. This relationship is going to help us to understand your business, provide options for furthering your business goals and find solutions for any uncertainties you may have. In turn, this will give you faith in your business banker.

After all, we want your business to succeed as much as you!

We spoke to a number of our current customers within the Samford Community and asked them about the role Bendigo Bank plays in their business. These customers will be making appearances throughout this business series, so why don’t we get to know a couple of them now!

Anthony Newton has been a trusted customer for many years and is confident in the mutual trust shared with his bank. He spoke to us about how Bendigo Bank has played a role in his business, Samford Patisserie & Café.

“Bendigo Bank makes my business banking really simple,” Newton said.

“I know the people. I have a relationship with them. They know me. I know that they’ll look after me, I know they’ll do the right thing by me”.

We see ourselves as Bigger than a Bank. It’s not just about money. We share your values, we share your vision and we share your dreams for your business to succeed!

Get in contact with us today to see how Bendigo Bank can contribute to your business!

And as usual, there are many great benefits from banking with us! Banking with Bendigo does not just help your own personal business, but other businesses within the community who, like you, want to achieve their business goals.

So find out more about how you can help the community, simply by banking with us!

Special thanks to Anthony Newton, Joanne Harding-Smith, Mal Gibson, Michelle Gregory, Ross Pickering and Steve Casey for their contribution to this article.

“A business banker is primarily a relationship banker”

~ Mal Gibson

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