Moreton Bay Region/North Brisbane Small Business Expo

The Samford and Brendale Community Banks will be participating in the North Brisbane Small Business Expo as part of the Bendigo Community Bank sponsorship of Queensland Small Business Week.

Over the course of the year, the Samford and Brendale Community Bank branches, have interviewed some of our local businesses to hear their stories and gain an understanding how they got started, what some of their business challenges have been and shared in some of the highlights.


We cover topics such as the global financial crisis, confidence and risk taking, planning, customers and people.  The key ingredients to business success.


We talk about what community means to them and how the community has helped them on their journey.  Each of our local business are part of the change – the change to make our communities better. To grow and assist each other and put our communities and people before profits.


customerRegardless of the types of business – hair dresser, online store, manufacturer, technology, professional services or restaurant we have found that the tips and the challenges across our businesses are largely the same.

Our top three business challenges

  1. Finding the right staff
  2. Having confidence and “backing” yourself
  3. Cashflow in the early years


Our top three business tips

  • Understand your customers and keep them
  • Keep great staff – happy employee = happy customers
  • Be prepared to take a risk

Come along and meet the team, play with Piggy and hear from some of our great businesses. Learn from their experiences and join the Better Business Series.

Expo Details:

Date: Friday 5 October
Time: 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
Venue: Southpine Sports Centre, Brendale