Sporting Sponsorship On Target

6 June 2024

Community Bank Samford hit a bull’s eye with local sports club Samford Valley Target Archers, providing a grant to encourage Samford State School students to take part in this all-abilities activity. This is the second year the archery club has run the 10-week long program, teaching a set of unique skills to a group of Year 6 students from the local primary school.

The target archery training sessions were held on Friday afternoons as part of the school’s sports program.

Samford Valley Target Archers President, Brian Hagaman, received extremely positive feedback from students, staff and parents involved in the program.

“School collaborations like this produces numerous benefits which extend well beyond the immediate impact and can positively influence the lives of students and the community,” he said.

“Samford Valley Target Archers is very proud to support the Samford State School program and help young people in our community develop into fine responsible adults through involvement in healthy outdoor sport and recreational activity.”

Student benefits from participating in the program include: physical fitness, discipline and focus, teamwork and social skills, safety awareness, inclusivity, community engagement, confidence building, cultural and historical awareness, and parental involvement.

“Archery is a sport accessible to children with diverse abilities. It can provide an opportunity for all students, regardless of their physical abilities, to participate in a physical activity and be part of a team,” Brian said.

“Achieving success in archery can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence. As they see improvement in their skills, they are likely to gain a sense of accomplishment that carries over into other areas of their lives.”

Samford Valley Target Archers started as the Grange Company of Target Archers in 1947 and is the oldest and largest target archery club in Queensland. The club operates a target field and indoor archery facility at Samford Archery Park.

Receiving grants like this allows the club to further engage with the wider community, promoting the benefits of sports involvement within a family-friendly environment.

“Samford Valley Target Archers would like to sincerely thank Community Bank Samford for their support of this program. The club hopes to continue this school/community collaboration for many years to come,” Brian said.

Samford State School students at Samford Valley Target Archers

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