Meet Mandy Bell: Leading Business, Championing Community and Fostering Connections

28 February 2024

Mandy Bell, the Senior Branch Manager at Community Bank Samford, is a key figure in the bank’s commitment to supporting the local community. With her extensive banking experience and deep connection to the Samford and Pine Rivers area, Mandy leads her team of 10 with a passion for community engagement and customer service excellence.

When asked about her role at the bank, Mandy explains, “I lead our team of 10 to grow our business so that we can support our community.” This dedication to community support is at the core of Community Bank Samford’s ethos, with Mandy emphasising the importance of providing superior customer service and expert financial advice to bank customers.

What sets Community Bank Samford apart, according to Mandy, is its “profit for purpose model.” She elaborates, “No other banking institution gives its profits to local community groups as a result of customer support.” Mandy takes pride in the bank’s ability to deliver great products while ensuring customers feel valued and appreciated.

Beyond her role at the bank, Mandy is deeply involved in the local community. As the president of the Samford and Districts Chamber of Commerce, she dedicates her time and expertise to supporting local businesses. “Businesses can be overlooked,” Mandy notes, “and there are a lot of resources and tools available, but it can be overwhelming.” Through her leadership in the Chamber of Commerce, Mandy aims to empower businesses with the knowledge and support they need to thrive.

In addition to supporting local businesses, Community Bank Samford also lends its support to organisations like A Brave Life, which assists young, vulnerable mothers in facing various challenges. This cause is particularly meaningful to Mandy, who became a mother at a young age. Reflecting on her own experiences, she believes organisations like A Brave Life could have made a significant difference during her early years as a mother.

When not busy with her professional responsibilities, Mandy enjoys immersing herself in the vibrant community of Samford. From attending events like Christmas in Main St to savouring a cup of coffee at Little Tree and Bakehouse, she relishes the sense of camaraderie and support that defines the community.

For Mandy, being a part of Community Bank Samford isn’t just about banking—it’s about making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and businesses alike while fostering a stronger, more connected community.

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