About Us

We are a Proud Community Bank in Samford

One of the First Community Banks

The Community Bank Brendale was one of the first Community Bank branches in Australia to be established.

Opening its doors in June 2002, its success led to the Community Bank Samford part of Bendigo Bank commencing operation in August 2009.

In 2022, the Community Bank Brendale was merged with the Community Bank Samford, creating an integrated facility at our Branch at Samford.

The Pine Rivers Community Finance Ltd (PRCF) owns and operates the Community Bank Samford. The PRCF is an unlisted public company with over 400 local shareholders.

The PRCF board of committed and voluntary directors oversees the business strategy and community investment of the Community Bank Samford.

Directors are not involved and are outside the banking operations undertaken at the Community Bank Samford.


Profits generated by the branches are given back to our community through sponsorships, grants and dividends to community shareholders.

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Bendigo Bank Backed

The Community Bank Samford operates as franchisees of Bendigo Bank.

Bendigo Bank provides us with its range of branded financial products and services, supports our staff with training, accreditation, and management systems, and provides treasury and IT system services.