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We’re much more than a bank. Did you know you can buy shares in your local Community Bank too? Your investment helps the local community!

Want to know more about buying or selling shares in Pine Rivers Community Finance Ltd? Check out all the information on the Bendigo Bank Website. 

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PRCF Shareholder Reports

2021 - Annual Report

Download the 2021 Annual Report (PDF)

2020 - Annual Report

Download the 2020 Annual Report (PDF)

2020 - Shareholder's Letter

Download the 2020 Shareholder’s Letter (PDF)

2019 - Annual Report

Download the 2019 Annual Report (PDF)

2019 - Shareholder's Letter

Download the 2019 Shareholder’s Letter (PDF)

2018 - Annual Report

Download the 2018 Annual Report (PDF)

2018 - Shareholder's Letter

Download the 2018 Shareholder’s Letter (PDF)

2017- Annual Report

Download the 2017 Annual Report (PDF)

2017 - Shareholder's Letter

Download the 2017 Shareholder’s Letter (PDF)