Meet Seb Hoffman: Building Community Connections as a Customer Advisor at Community Bank Samford 

19 March 2024

As a friendly face for our customers, Seb Hoffman plays a vital role as a Customer Advisor at Community Bank Samford. Embodying the spirit of local engagement and service and enriching the banking experience for customers while championing community initiatives, we chatted to Seb about his role, affinity for the Samford community, and the values driving him. 

Q: Seb, could you tell us about your role as a Customer Advisor at Community Bank Samford? 

Seb: As a Customer Advisor, I assist customers with their banking and insurance needs. Whether it’s helping them navigate financial products or addressing their concerns, my goal is to ensure that every customer receives personalised support and guidance tailored to their requirements. 

Q: How do you contribute to the bank’s mission of supporting the local community? 

Seb: At Community Bank Samford, we have a strong commitment to supporting the local community through initiatives like grant rounds and community events. In my role, I take pride in being a conduit between the bank and the community, ensuring that our customers are not only served efficiently but also aware of the various ways in which the bank gives back to the community. 

Q: What motivated your transition to Community Bank Samford, and how long have you been part of the local community? 

Seb: I joined Community Bank Samford in February 2023, following my tenure as a store manager at a nearby Domino’s. My connection to the Samford area spans approximately 15 years, during which I’ve been actively involved in various community activities and initiatives. This deep-rooted involvement has strengthened my understanding of the community’s needs and inspired me to contribute meaningfully. 

Q: What aspects of the Samford community resonate with you the most? 

Seb: What I find truly special about Samford is the strong sense of community spirit. It’s a place where almost everyone knows each other, fostering a welcoming and supportive environment that is truly unique. This sense of belonging is what makes Samford such a wonderful place to live and work. 

Q: Can you share some of your favourite activities or spots in the Samford community? 

Seb: One of my favourite pastimes is watching an Opens Men’s Samford Stags game on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not only a great way to support local sports but also an opportunity to connect with fellow community members. Additionally, grabbing lunch from the Patisserie or supporting The Long Yard Larder are great ways to enjoy a drink or bite while supporting local businesses in Samford. 

Q: What brings you the most joy in supporting the Samford community, and are there any particular events or groups that hold special significance for you? 

Seb: For me, the best part about Samford is our community.  Knowing the local business owners personally, thanks to their support for our Community Bank, inspires me to reciprocate that support wholeheartedly and build strong relationships with them and support them wherever possible. As for events or groups, the Samford Stags hold a special place in my heart, as I’ve been involved with the club since my junior years, both as a player and a referee. 

Seb’s dedication to community values and personalised service exemplifies his commitment and genuine connection to the local community as he supports our customers and the local community. 

Seb Hoffman

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