Meet Sheona McGuigan: Building Community Connections at Community Bank Samford

13 June 2024

As a Personal Banker, Sheona plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between customers and banking services, all while fostering meaningful connections within the local community. From a diverse role to embracing country charm, Sheona shares her thoughts about her role and our region.

Embracing a Diverse Role

With a focus on both lending and front-line operations, Sheona’s role as a Personal Banker encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from handling personal loans and credit card applications to managing business accounts.

Providing Holistic Customer Support

In her efforts to be a single point of contact for customers, Sheona strives to address all their banking needs, whether it’s assisting with transactions, providing lending advice, or offering guidance on business accounts.

“I try to be a one-stop shop and work towards being able to answer the customer queries for business, transactions, and lending,” Sheona says.

Fostering Community Connection

Since joining Community Bank Samford in July 2021, Sheona has relished becoming an integral part of the local community. Building rapport with customers through regular interactions, whether in-person or over the phone, Sheona values the sense of familiarity and relationship building that comes with her role.

“I like that customers see the same team members in the branch and that they build connections with us,” Sheona shares.

Embracing the Country Charm

Drawn to the country-like atmosphere of Samford and Pine Rivers, Sheona finds solace in the area’s slightly older demographic, reminiscent of her hometown. This sense of familiarity and comfort adds to her enjoyment of being part of the community.

Supporting Local Events and Initiatives

As a dedicated football mum, Sheona spends a significant amount of time cheering on her son’s team. Despite supporting an opposing side, she is often seen at Samford Rangers and values reconnecting with familiar faces from her son’s school while engaging with the community in a vibrant and dynamic setting.

Empowering Local Heroes

Last year, Sheona took on the task of organising banking services for rural fire groups, including visits to stations in Samford and Clear Mountain. Witnessing firsthand the impact of their support on the ground, Sheona gained a deeper appreciation for the vital role these groups play in keeping the community safe.

“It was great seeing what our support actually does on the ground and how we really help the people and groups that help our community be safe and successful,” Sheona reflects.

As Sheona continues to strengthen community connections and provide exceptional service at Community Bank Samford, her dedication to fostering a sense of belonging and support within the local area remains unwavering. With her friendly approach and commitment to community engagement, Sheona is a true asset to Samford and Pine Rivers.

Sheona McGuigan

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