Kylie Black: Strengthening Community Bonds as Mobile Relationship Manager at Community Bank Samford 

8 April 2024

Kylie Black: Strengthening Community Bonds as Mobile Relationship Manager at Community Bank Samford 

Community Bank Samford’s Kylie Black brings a wealth of experience and a passion for customer service to her role as the bank’s Mobile Relationship Manager. With a commitment to providing comprehensive financial solutions and supporting local initiatives, Kylie is quickly becoming an integral part of the Samford community. We managed to catch up with Kylie to hear her insights into her role, her connection to the community, and her favourite aspects of being a part of Community Bank Samford. 

Embracing a Multi-Faceted Role 

Kylie’s role as Mobile Relationship Manager involves assisting customers with a wide array of needs, from home loans to banking, wealth management, and insurance. Acting as a one-stop shop for all financial requirements, Kylie prides herself on delivering personalised service tailored to each customer’s unique circumstances. 

“I assist our current customers with a home loan as well as all of their banking, wealth, and insurance needs, so we are a one-stop shop,” Kylie explains with a smile. 

Supporting Customers Every Step of the Way 

At the heart of Kylie’s role lies a commitment to supporting customers in achieving their financial goals. Whether it’s securing a home loan or addressing banking inquiries, Kylie is dedicated to providing guidance and assistance at every turn. 

“I assist the customers with all their lending and banking needs,” Kylie affirms. 

Fostering Community Connection 

Joining Community Bank Samford in October 2023, Kylie was immediately struck by the community-focused ethos of the organisation and the supportive atmosphere among her colleagues. 

“The community focus and the way the Samford team support each other—it’s a lovely feel and a fantastic team to belong to,” Kylie shares enthusiastically. 

Deepening Engagement with the Local Community 

As a proud representative of Samford Community Bank, Kylie is actively involved in supporting local events and initiatives, including those in the Darling Downs community and the Warwick Hospital. 

“I support the Samford community where needed, as well as being part of the Darling Downs community, the local hospital at Warwick, and attending some trade shows with Elders,” Kylie explains. 

Immersing in Local Culture and Festivities 

From attending country festivals to enjoying local attractions, Kylie embraces the vibrant spirit of the Samford community. Her favourite event, Jumpers and Jazz in July, showcases the town’s creativity and hospitality, leaving a lasting impression. 

“I love all the country festivals they have throughout the year,” Kylie shares. “My absolute favourite is Jumpers and Jazz in July. They close all the streets in town and people knit colourful blankets and scarves to wrap around all the trees and light poles in the street, they have different Jazz bands that play and lots of food trucks. It’s over a whole weekend.” 

Building a Stronger Community Presence 

Looking ahead, Kylie aims to integrate Community Bank Samford into the fabric of the local community further, supporting events and groups to generate interest and engagement. 

“Community events and groups are a huge part of what makes the communities we serve special,” Kylie notes. “It is great to see the Samford Community Bank name immersed in the community, and I look forward to being part of events, groups and networks as I become more involved in every aspect of life across our region.” 

As Kylie makes her mark as Mobile Relationship Manager at Community Bank Samford, her dedication to customer service and community engagement shines brightly. With her warm demeanour and commitment to supporting local initiatives, Kylie is poised to play a key role in strengthening community bonds and fostering financial well-being in Samford and beyond. 

Kylie Black

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