Grants keeping residents in their homes longer and safer

22 December 2017

If you had asked Lindsay Barton six months ago did he need any help at home, he would have said “no way”. Then, his wife Pat suffered a fall and Lindsay got very sick.  Suddenly he realised his worrying reality: he had to work out a way to keep him and his wife together, and preferably in their home of 30 years.   Sixty years married, over 30 years in the same house, a roomful of paintings, a love of parties, and friends in their community and neighbours they love – how were they going to stay and assure everyone that they could still manage on their own?

The Samford Community Bank recently awarded 13 grants for more than $34,000 under their community grants program in 2017. One of the worthy grant recipients was Samford Support Network, who submitted an application for just over $3,4oo to purchase nine medical alerts that could be circulated throughout the Samford Valley community to provide monitored medial support for people just like Lindsay and Pat.

President of the Samford Support Network, Barbara Kienast said “this is part of a program where the Samford Support Network works with neighbours, professionals, QAS and First Responders to build a safety net around people and supply further assistance when needed”.

In the event of a fall or a medical emergency, those fitted with the medical alert have an emergency button that sends “help” messaging to family and friends, and also to 000. “If they fall the system will call without even touching the help button which is a great safety feature bringing peace of mind to the residents, their families and their friends”, said Barbara.

Medical alerts

Samford local residents, Lindsay and Pat are one of the first recipients to receive one of the nine medical alerts. After his wife’s fall and he became sick, Lindsay said “you think you are pretty independent and then something happens which makes you realise that you need some help. Up until now, the thought of something happening to us has been my biggest worry.”

“This is one of the greatest parts of being associated with a bank like the Samford Community Bank We get to meet delightful people like Pat and Lindsay and make a difference through community organisations like the Samford Support Network”, said Samford Community Bank Director Carolyn Grant.

“The supply of the medical alerts is one of the most worthwhile causes I have been involved in. One of the hardest days of my life was moving my grandmother into a nursing home after she had lived in her home for over 50 years. To see Lindsay and Pat in similar circumstances, but able to stay together in their home, but still  and have the security of knowing help is immediately to hand, is fantastic.” said Samford Community Bank Director Carolyn Grant.  “If these devices allow people to stay in their homes where they feel loved, looked after and comfortable, safely for another few years, then all the hard work is worth it.”

The Samford Community Bank provides grants to local community organisations wishing to improve the life, health or education of the community.

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