Caring for the Carers

18 September 2023

In an instant, anyone can find themselves in the position of needing to look after a loved one who has become physically or mentally unwell. Carers come from all walks of life with some as young as eight years old. The Carers Foundation was created to care for the carers, providing them with tailored wellness programs to support their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Community Bank Samford was proud to bestow a grant to The Carer’s Foundation to further its unique work, connecting and empowering carers to do the best job they can. Ronnie Benbow, OAM and Founding Director of The Carers Foundation said Community Bank’s funding allowed the organisation to provide vital wellbeing programs to more local carers.

“Being selected for this grant increases the visibility and credibility of The Carers Foundation within the community. It demonstrates that our work is valued and recognised by local stakeholders, potentially attracting more support from other individuals and organisations,” Ronnie said.

It can be difficult for unpaid family carers to carve out the time to do things for themselves, but carers who attend Carers Foundation events find the effort is worth it as participant feedback shows:

“Words cannot explain how much I needed this day away. I have been so lonely and isolated but now I have found some people who really understand, and I know I’m not alone.”

 “Thank you for providing such a kind, loving and supportive group. This has been one of the best days I have had for years as I am unable to leave my husband with a terminal illness.”

“I have not had a day off for over 8 years as my child has a severe disability and I am always in hospital, at appointments or therapies. You have changed my life as I now know I have to look after myself first otherwise I can’t continue. I have found my tribe and know there are people who really care and who I can contact when I am not coping, Thank you just doesn’t seem enough! You have saved my life.”

The Carers Foundation is extremely grateful to Community Bank Samford for supporting its work with those in our community whose contribution often goes unnoticed. There are currently over 2.7 million registered carers in Australia, and most likely more who are unregistered.

“It is vital we receive these grants as we are not government funded and rely on the support from donations, fundraisers and other grants,” Ronnie said.

“Typically we operate on limited budgets and resources and this grant adds a much-needed injection of funds allowing us to expand our program specifically to the local community to reach more local carers, which enhances the impact our of programs,” she said.

“This commitment from Community Bank Samford shows a sense of unity and shared responsibility in the community, and people will know they care about people in our area.”

Meeting of the Carer's Foundation inn an old building with arched windows. There is a warm fire blazing in the centre of the room. It looks very cozy and friendly.

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