Caring for the Community at its Heart

27 July 2021

If you are out and about in Samford you may see these small unassuming lime green boxes and not pay them much attention – but when you know that they literally have the power to raise the dead, you may think again. The fact that these defibrillators have already achieved this and saved lives here in Samford, should make us all sit up and notice.

The recent placement of the defibrillator as part of the Samford and Brendale Community Banks’ program is an important one for the Samford Show Grounds – not just for its big once-a-year event, but for all the grey nomads and campers who set their camping sights on our lush green Samford Valley and visit throughout the year. We all know the valuable contribution that visitors make to our local community.

Samford attractions and events are the glue for the community and the Samford Show is no exception – in fact, the Showgrounds Committee places great thought and planning into designing each show around the ethos of the community. They achieve this along with each annual show being designed around a central theme, with this year’s – fun learning for kids.

Part of the incidental education that comes from having fun at the show is that there are lots of opportunities for kids, families, the young and the not-so-young to engage with local producers and farmers, to learn things like, that milk comes from a cow, not a carton.

The Show is a real country show right on Brisbane’s doorstep, that is all about showcasing the very best of the area with lots of food, fun and farmyard animals, all in a safe and welcoming environment.

This latest provision of a defibrillator is part of Samford and Brendale Community Banks’ program to get defibrillators out into our communities in order to improve the quality of life for those who suffer a cardiac arrest – and at the bottom line – to save lives. 

Putting the defibrillators in key areas is just one of the ways that Samford and Brendale Community Banks care for our locals and visitors and help keep them safe.

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