Empowering Young Locals Through Defensive Driving

31 March 2023

Community Bank Samford recently revved its engines at the Bank’s annual Defensive Driving course, equipping local young drivers with the skills to anticipate dangers on the road and hone their reactions.

The course took place at the Lakeside Raceway, Kurwongbah, where participants experienced slamming on the brakes in puddles and wearing thick-bottle glasses to understand how our senses are impacted when alcohol is involved. Attendees also experienced the real impact of looking at their phones while driving.

The hands-on program is designed to teach the importance of safe and smart driving. It provides a unique chance for participants to experience driving in difficult conditions whilst in a secure environment.

Young driver Zac Panagiotopoulos attended the latest Defensive Driving Course, walking away with a number of tips that have empowered him as a safer and more confident driver.

“I enjoyed the day at Lakeside Raceway where we were able to practice our car handling abilities on a wide range of obstacles and road conditions to further develop our driving skills,” Zac said.

“The interaction with the instructors, Huddo and Jack, made for a relaxed learning environment on the track whilst the in-house training was well presented by Ian (with a few laughs to keep everyone engaged),” he said.

“I have already recommended this driver training for 2023 to my brother who is on his L’s and will be moving onto his P’s during the year.”

The program called upon specialist trainers from across the driving spectrum. This included ex-police officers and ex-paramedics with real-life experience in responding to the aftermath of horrific accidents. Their first-hand accounts and advice brought a depth of experience to the training that resonated with each attendee.

This is the 11th year Community Bank Samford has organised the Defensive Driving initiative, emphasising the value that the company sees in this important program designed to help protect young drivers as well as the wider community.

Anyone interested in the next course scheduled for December 2023 is encouraged to get in touch with the branch now to add your name to the waitlist.

Team of students being briefed at a defensive driving course

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