Exercise For All

11 September 2023

Many aspects of life are inherently designed for non-disabled people, which can unwittingly exclude those living with a disability. As a subsidiary of Cystic Fibrosis Queensland, Trusted Care works to reduce the impact of disability on how a person manages everyday life. The organisation wanted to launch a pilot exercise program encouraging locals with a disability to be more active.

Community Bank Samford was thrilled to provide a grant allowing Trusted Care to create tailored exercise programs for individuals with a disability in the Samford and Pine Rivers region. Eight clients participated in an eight-week exercise program alongside their support workers. Those who took part in the program gained the skills needed to transition into supported mainstream classes.

Angela Sager, Administrative Services Manager at Trusted Care, said clients were extremely excited to experience a program tailored for their specific needs and abilities. 

“When speaking to our participants, they mentioned that a gym can be a really intimidating place, whether it be from an anxiety point of view or due to their limited physical abilities,” she said.

“They said that having the comfort of personalised training in small groups made such a difference to their confidence and that it also helped them believe they could continue by themselves after the program ended. One client mentioned that the program had opened a door that they didn’t think would ever be open to them.” 

Trusted Care was extremely grateful to Community Bank Samford for the grant, which enabled the organisation to bring its idea to fruition.

“Without this funding we would never have been able to launch this program. Having the funding meant that we could access the gym trainers for personalised programs to suit each of our participants and their varying abilities, and also provide a little community at the gym where the participants were able to gain confidence and skills that they did not have prior to the program launch,” Angela said.

Ben Smith, Head of Business Development at Trusted Care agrees that Community Bank Samford’s funding allowed their team to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of participants from all walks of life.

“We are deeply grateful to Community Bank Samford, a valued partner and grantor, for their unwavering support in making our inclusive fitness program a reality. Through this program, we have empowered our community members, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to confidently transition to supported mainstream fitness classes,” he said.

“Together, we have not only enhanced the lives of our participants, but also fostered a more inclusive and compassionate community.”

Three of the participants from the Trusted Care exercise program sponsored by Community Bank Samford

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