Meet Nadine Wynn: Driving Community Engagement as Assistant Branch Manager

11 March 2024

Nadine Wynn is a familiar face at Community Bank Samford. As the Assistant Branch Manager, Nadine plays a vital role in managing the lending team, assisting customers with complex lending solutions, and fostering community engagement. Nadine shared with us her insights into her role, her passion for community involvement, and her favourite local hotspots.

Empowering Customers Through Personalised Service

At Community Bank Samford, Nadine wears many hats, from managing the lending team to providing support for existing home loan customers. Her role extends beyond mere banking transactions; she serves as a trusted advisor for customers navigating their financial journey.

“I manage our Lending Team and assist with complex lending files,” Nadine explains. “I am the go-to person for many of our existing home loan customers, helping them with questions relating to their current banking and being part of their ‘where to/what next?’ conversations.”

A Commitment to Community Growth

What sets Community Bank Samford apart is its unwavering dedication to community development. Nadine finds immense joy in knowing that her work directly benefits the local community and contributes to its growth.

“I love that what we do is benefiting our community,” Nadine shares. “Our team is all so engaged with the community and is just as passionate about seeing it grow!”

A Decade of Banking Expertise

With over 15 years of experience in the banking industry, specialising in home lending for the past 12 years, Nadine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role at Community Bank Samford. Since joining the bank in May 2019, she has been instrumental in driving customer success and community engagement.

Immersing in Local Culture

Beyond her professional duties, Nadine is deeply immersed in the local culture of Samford and Pine Rivers. From attending the Samford Show to relishing the festive atmosphere of Christmas on Main St, she embraces the vibrant spirit of the community wholeheartedly.

Supporting Local Businesses and Initiatives

Nadine’s dedication to the community extends to supporting local businesses and initiatives. She shares her favourite spots for coffee and family outings, highlighting the diverse offerings of the area. Buzzstop Espresso Bar for coffee and The Long Yard Larder for roast veggie and halloumi sandwiches and great and Kumbartcho Sanctuary, Pine Rivers Park and Scooter Track in John Scott Park are great places to take the kids. And as for the businesses, there are too many to mention, just get out there and support local!

A Heartfelt Commitment to Community Support

Community Bank Samford proudly supports numerous local groups and initiatives, including Meals on Wheels Moreton Bay, Guide Dogs QLD, and The Mini Farm project. Nadine emphasises the importance of these organisations in bettering the local community and providing essential support to those in need.

“These are all groups that are also working to better our local communities and provide hands on support for those that need it most and we are delighted to be able to help where possible,” said Nadine.

As Nadine continues to drive community engagement and empower customers at Community Bank Samford, her dedication to personalised service and community involvement is absolute. With her passion for supporting local initiatives and fostering meaningful connections, Nadine exemplifies the spirit of community banking in Samford and Pine Rivers.

Nadine Wynn, Assistant Branch Manager, Community Bank Samford

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