Samford, The Heart of the Community

12 March 2024

Over the coming weeks, we will be looking at the places we call home and looking at what makes each one special. From Samford to Narangba, we’re proud to be a local community bank that supports the regions we call home.

Senior Branch Manager Mandy Bell has been involved with the local community for over seven years and, in that time, has seen Samford grow while retaining the characteristics and values that make the Valley a great place to live and work.

“I think the first thing people notice about Samford and Samford Valley is that it is beautiful. It doesn’t matter the time of year; Samford is one of those places where wherever you look, there seems to be something beautiful or interesting to see. From the stunning views to the mountains to the charm of Samford Village, we’re lucky to live in one of Queensland’s most stunning locations.”

The Valley’s natural beauty and charm are some of the key drivers behind its growth. When added to its proximity to Brisbane, this creates a compelling reason for people to relocate to the region.

“I firmly believe that Samford will retain the things that make it special, and one of those is the fact that we are and always should be a country town just outside of Brisbane. This is one of the main reasons that we see families and retirees choose Samford to put down roots.”

“People are choosing lifestyle as the reason to relocate and with the variety of schools, great community, events, groups and more there is always something going on, so you can have the best of a country life while being close enough to the city for work.”

“This is going to increase development, but I think it will be done positively and sympathetically to the existing Village and infrastructure so that any growth will be sustainable and not change the character of the Valley, which is what draws people here.”

But it isn’t just the location and its beauty that makes Samford special; for Mandy, it is the people.

“You cannot underestimate Samford’s sense of community spirit. I love the fact that when I walk down Main Street, I know everyone in the shops, I know the local business owners, and everyone stops to say good morning and check in with each other.”

“You then look at the number of volunteer and community groups across the regions and it is wonderful to see people give their time, energy and resources to support the things that matter to the community.”

“And that community-mindedness comes to light when there is a problem, such as when someone needs support; when that happens, people just roll up their sleeves and help each other. We saw the perfect example of that during the recent flooding when the whole community came together to support each other. From taking part in the clean-up to making sandwiches for volunteers, it was the perfect example of what makes Samford special.”

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