Off To A Galloping Start Supporting Samford RDA

24 March 2023

Providing horse riding programs for people with disabilities, Samford Riding for the Disabled (RDA) helps riders achieve their individual physical, psychological and social goals. Community Bank Samford has confirmed ongoing support of this unique voluntary organisation through its platinum sponsorship of one special grey gelding, Paddington Bear.

Samford RDA offers riding and other horse-related activities to benefit people with disabilities including intellectual disabilities, specific learning disorders, injuries from accidents, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, visual and hearing impairments and autism.

Rebecca Clemmey, President of Samford RDA, said that thanks to sponsor generosity, their horses are able to receive the best of care.

“Community Bank Samford has been a great supporter of Samford RDA from the start, helping us with both financial and practical support over the years,” Rebecca said.

“The Bank’s annual sponsorship of Paddington Bear is a massive help. It contributes towards his feed and care including any vet bills.”

Community Bank Samford was one of the first sponsors of Samford RDA, with Paddington Bear the Bank’s fourth sponsored horse.

“Paddington Bear is a much loved favourite of the Samford RDA herd, popular with both clients and volunteers for his gentle nature, versatility and his ‘slow and steady’ approach to life,” Rebecca said.

“He helps clients who need a high level of support whilst also teaching independent riding skills to others. Paddington Bear does have a cheeky side, and will quickly identify any possible treats in his vicinity!” she said.

There are various therapeutic benefits gained from horse riding which include building core body strength, improving balance and confidence and enabling social interaction

“Like all our horses, Paddington Bear works calmly and patiently with children and adults with a wide range of physical and intellectual disabilities. A person’s muscles move with the movement of a horse, which helps people with limited mobility or those who use a wheelchair,” Rebecca said.

“Paddington Bear’s wonderful temperament also is therapeutic. His connection with his riders can aid communication and speech; and bringing smiles to faces is a benefit in itself.”

This Samford RDA platinum sponsorship is funded by a $1,650 grant from Pine Rivers Community Finance Ltd, which owns and operates Community Bank Samford. The grant continues the Bank’s long-term commitment to sponsoring a local RDA horse.

Cream horse standing in a paddock

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