Tuckshop Equipment Enhanced

4 March 2024

Lunchtimes have turned legendary at Dayboro State School, with the P&C Association receiving two Community Bank Samford grants to upgrade kitchen equipment. Last year saw the installation of a new grill and two new ovens to improve the school’s tuckshop facilities.

Dayboro P&C Grants Officer, Elise Strange, said the school’s tuckshop convenor is delighted with the new equipment, which has been much needed for some time.

“The new grill has been in place for a few months now and has been getting a regular work-out each week making toasties and burgers for the students. Our new grill is much more efficient, so the food can be made closer to service time, making it fresher and more delicious than ever,” Elise said.

“The old grill was nearing the end of its life, so being able to purchase a new grill thanks to our Community Bank Samford grant meant we can continue offering our popular toasties and other items on the tuckshop menu,” she said.

The new ovens have also made a significant impact in terms of additional space now available in the kitchen and improving cooking efficiency.

“We now have more bench space with the removal of a pie warmer, allowing us to explore additional menu options that were limited due to a lack of preparation space,” Elise said.

“The new ovens are also much safer and easier to use than the old oven, making a significant impact on workplace health and safety for our Tuckshop Convenor and volunteers.”

A recent parent survey reported positive feedback towards the school’s new and improved menu options thanks to this updated equipment. The tuckshop will continue to plan its menu around the capabilities of their new facilities and in consultation with students and parents.

Community Bank Samford’s funding has ensured students at Dayboro State School can continue to access the important services of a school tuckshop.

“Grants such as this are critical in enabling the services of the Dayboro P&C to continue and ensure that the tuckshop can provide an affordable menu for busy parents. The high cost of replacing items in the tuckshop would have meant that, without grants, it may not have been possible to continue the service as existing equipment was retired,” Elise said.

“The tuckshop is also central to many of the P&Cs fundraising efforts, so this would have had a huge flow-on effect for the organisation and school community with reduced fundraising capacity,” she said.

“We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Community Bank Samford for your ongoing support of the Dayboro State School P&C Association. Thanks to you, the future is looking brighter at the Dayboro State School tuckshop!”

Dayboro P&C Grants Officer, Elise Strange

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