Community Bank Samford Champions UniSC Student Relief Giving Day

27 November 2023

Community Bank Samford actively continues to support UniSC students facing financial hardship by donating $1,000 to UniSC Student Relief Giving Day on 28 November. The Bank has a proud history of supporting UniSC students on their journey to new careers, funding a number of scholarships that have enabled students to changes their lives and benefit their greater community.

UniSC’s Giving Day raises study support bursary funds that go directly towards relieving student financial stress, allowing students to focus more on their studies in order to create a better tomorrow for themselves, their families and their communities. A significant 56 per cent of students say financial hardship hampers their academic success.

While many students are currently affected by the rising cost of living, those from low socio-economic backgrounds and students with dependents are particularly affected by added financial burdens.

Community Bank Samford scholarship recipient, Rachael Thurlow, is looking to make a positive difference in the lives of others by studying a Bachelor of Nursing Science at UniSC.

“As a 44-year-old single mum of five, I’ve dedicated two decades to raising my children. Now, I’m embarking on a new adventure to become a registered nurse,” she said.

“It’s been a year of balancing motherhood, work, and university studies. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.”

Malcolm Frizzell, Director of Pine Rivers Community Finance which operates Community Bank Samford, takes great pride in the accomplishments of scholarship recipients who consistently demonstrate remarkable achievements stemming from the educational opportunities afforded by the bank’s scholarships.

“Notably, not a single student, upon receiving a scholarship, has shown complacency due to the financial support. Instead, each recipient has embraced the opportunity and gone on to achieve significant success,” he said.

“This track record stands as a testament to the transformative impact of our scholarship program. Participating in the creation of such a positive legacy is a source of pride for all stakeholders involved.”

Mr. Frizzell said the bank is strategically poised to reinvest banking operation profits back into the local community, with the board’s visionary approach directing resources toward initiatives that maximise positive impacts.

“Community Bank Samford actively contributes to the prosperity of the community rather than merely benefiting from it,” he said.

“By empowering our customers to achieve success, our community bank, in turn, prospers. This success is further channelled towards a generation of people seeking to further their education through the provision of scholarships, affording students of all ages the opportunity to experience similar success,” Mr. Frizzell said.

“Understanding the transformative power of knowledge, we believe that providing people with access to education will not only empower them individually but will also yield broader benefits for the entire community.”

Every dollar donated to UniSC’s Giving Day will be matched, up to $77,000 thanks to the Scott Williams Foundation. Community Bank Samford encourages other individuals and organisations to support our future changemakers by contributing. Donate directly to UniSC or share this story to your network to increase the impact we can collectively make to students’ lives.  

Two young people standing against a yellow background with UniSC Giving Day 2023 28 November written on it.

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